Our membership is comprised of Independents, Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians that share our conservative views.  We welcome like-minded conservatives no matter what their party affiliations.  To sign up for our email meeting notices, contact us at paysonteaparty@gmail.com.


Payson Tea Party 10 Key Principles

1. America is guided by morality, having an origin in God. Human rights are not granted by the government but by our Creator.

2. The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Government has a duty not to usurp rights given to the States and to the people.

3. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to self-defense and is the key to all of the other rights described in the Bill of Rights. Free Speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and a free press are secured and kept secure by an armed citizenry.

4. States rights under the Tenth Amendment must be protected. Many Federal government programs must be returned to local and State control.

5. Free enterprise and capitalism create jobs…the government does not.

6. The Federal government has a responsibility to provide for border security and national defense. Illegal immigration has proven costly to education, health care, and public services and must be stopped now.

7. Government normally does not solve problems. People do. Big government usually IS the problem; therefore, the government that governs best governs LEAST.

8. The welfare state must be dissolved and replaced by charitable organizations.

9. Public education is broken. Reforms must come from local and State government…not the Federal government.

10. “Government money” does not belong to the government. It belongs to the taxpayers who worked hard for it. Taxes can and must be lowered.

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